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In 2011, I was awarded a Workspace Residency at Dieu Donné Papermill in NYC where I became captivated by the process of making paper by hand in the facility's enticing 'wet studio.'  Since that time, I’ve continued to use handmade paper in both two and three-dimensional work. 


These sculptures (AO6 and slide show below) feature abaca, a translucent paper made from banana plant fiber.  I work with wet sheets, cutting and draping pieces over a myriad of broken toys, bottle caps, and other salvaged plastics.  Once dry, this paper skin transforms the various amalgams within. 


My constructed drawings (scroll down) are made with two layers of handmade paper: heavy cotton on bottom and a very thin sheet of abaca on top; embedded between them are fragments of plastic bags.  After this ‘sandwich’ of paper and plastic glyphs has been pressed and fully dried, I add aerosol paint—often just a hint, sometimes several layers, but in any case, it’s this delivery of colored particles via air that yields the drawing’s resolution.

See artist's page on Dieu Donné website.


AO6, 2016, abaca over salvaged plastics, 12 x 12 x 5.5 inches

Unless otherwise noted, the pieces below are 14 x 11 inches (35.5 x 28 cm), handmade cotton and abaca paper, plastic bag fragments, acrylic aerosol paint

Click on individual images to enlarge with captions

BW18 copy.jpg
BW27 copy.jpg
BW05 copy.jpg
BW22 copy.jpg
BW31 copy.jpg
BW35 copy.jpg
BW01 copy.jpg
BW16 copy.jpg
BW03 copy.jpg
BW21 copy.jpg
BW20 copy.jpg
BW09 copy.jpg
BW12 copy.jpg
BW11 copy.jpg
BW23 copy.jpg
BW08 copy.jpg
BW26 copy.jpg
BW29 copy.jpg
BW07 copy.jpg
BW02JPG copy.JPG
BW25 copy.jpg
BW24 copy.jpg
BW04 copy.jpg
BW10 copy.jpg
BW06 copy.jpg
BW28 copy.jpg
BW15 copy.jpg
BW19 copy.jpg

NL 05 (left) and BG 03 (right) installed in New Work, 490 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (2-person exhibition with Sarah Lutz)                                         

  photo: Etienne Frossard

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