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This current series, Transmissions/JKS, was conceived after my mother’s death.  Having inherited her bulging binder of handwritten recipes, I was struck by how her presence emanated from those stained pages.  Ruminating further about the near-obsolescence of handwriting in our digital age, I began photographing hers—zooming in on certain words, then zooming in further on specific glyphs.  Letters became lines which, in turn, became a sort of drawing—her mark-making, a residue of her touch.


Printed on archival paper, then cut up and reassembled, my mother’s handwriting reveals a lexicon of signs and symbols.  The recurring parallel lines featured in several of the completed collages are, in fact, printed photographs of blank pages found at the end of her book.  Her marks, my compositions— these constructed drawings are made with an uncanny sense I’m ‘taking dictation’ from the afterlife.

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Studio work table with recipe book

C.2018.all ears.jpg

Installed in A Ce Moment, 2018, a solo exhibition, Latuvu, Bages, France

13 works from this series (suspended by monofilament): ink on archival paper between layers of handmade cotton and abaca paper, each approximately 11 x 9 inches (28 x 23 cm)

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