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Selections from the New Vein series

The New Vein series is an extensive body of work comprised of dried, gessoed leaves and plastic bag fragments hand-stitched to paper.  An on-going project since 2005, it is a 21st century riff on the herbarium— a collection of preserved plant specimens used for study and analysis.  But I've corrupted the botanist's craft by seamlessly merging highlighted aspects of a leaf's structure with the ubiquitous graphic designs found on plastic bags.  My renderings are a nod to the increasingly blurred distinction between natural and man-made, as well as a meditation on commerce's ever-presence.  But in another regard, my sewing is a way of mending— not repairing holes, but making  'wholes' from such disparate parts. 


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NV #66 (Belk & Daffy)   2010
12"h x 9"w
leaf, gesso, plastic bag,
Flashe paint, thread on paper
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